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The shadowy figure at the center of the WordSound multiverse who masquerades as Spectre, The Ill Saint, (among other aliases) is none other than Skiz Fernando, a singular figure in the media/arts community. After graduating from Harvard and the Columbia University School of Journalism, he began his career as a music journalist for The Source magazine. He parlayed his knowledge and expertise in the field of hip-hop into the critically-acclaimed book, The New Beats: Exploring the Music, Culture & Attitudes of Hip-Hop (Anchor/Doubleday, 1994), which has become an important document of the culture behind rap music. The New Beats has since been published in England, France, and Japan.

Not content to just write about the music he loved, Skiz, a long-time deejay and producer, borrowed $1000 from legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell, and started WordSound Recordings in December 1994--a self-described “guerilla think tank” dedicated to continual creation and constant elevation. WordSound’s no-compromise, D.I.Y. approach and unique, artist-first agenda is responsible for 65 full-length releases over the last 21 years (10 produced by Skiz himself), including a handful of seminal singles on WordSound's vinyl-only, sub-division Black Hoodz. Running the gamut from dub and hip-hop to drum 'n bass and electronica to world and just plain weird, WordSound boasts an eclectic catalog, known and respected worldwide for its innovation, experimentation and creativity.