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Walter Gross / Tenshun - Imprint / Seance (Cassette[SOLD OUT], Digital)

Celebrate the return of our brother, Walter, and the arrival of our new brother,Tenshun, with this rather lovely limited edition tape release! Encased in a special screen­printed box, the record includes exclusive remixes by Ghengis (Devilman), DeadFader, and C_C. Get yours or feel very sad indeed.

Side A / Walter Gross - Imprint
1. Intro
2. Crystal
3. Helix
4. Siphon
5. Sordid
6. Outro
7. Siphon (Ghengis Remix)
8. Helix (Dead Fader Remix)

Side B / Tenshun - Seance
1. Seance
2. Helix (C_C Remix)

C50 Cassette with Digital Download and Screen printed mailer box.
Music is written by Walter Gross and Tenshun, Remix by Ghengis, DeadFader, and C_C.
Artwork by Bryce Davesne / electiic