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SBH_MIX_002 (Free Download)

Finally we are extremely excited to release our new mix tape, SBH_MIX_002!!

This time around we are showcasing work from our mainstays such as Dj Scotch Bonnet, Dead Fader, C_C, Gorgonn, Dj Die Soon, and Walter Gross but are also introducing a host of new additions to the roster including ; Tenshun, Spectre, Necro Deathmort, Bocca al Lupo, RIPIT and ANBU.


  1. Walter Gross - Patmos
  2. †€Ω§HµΩ - Dead End Job
  3. Spectre - Wipe Out
  4. Dj Scotch Bonnet - Taboola
  5. C_C - NNNNN dub
  6. ANBU - 005
  7. Dj Die Soon - Parasite Es
  8. Gorgonn - Blue Church
  9. Necro Deathmort - Bleeding dub
  10. Dead Fader - Anal Org
  11. Bocca al Lupo & Calvin Xang - kk-2013-10-6d
  12. RIPIT - Tunnel Diagonal