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Devilman - Devilman (CD[SOLD OUT], Digital)

From the crumbling debris of an apocalyptic futurescape DEVILMAN invade with a sprawling beast of an album. Skewed sonics, demonic riffs and unapologetic catastrophe seep through the cracks to invade your mind and twist your perspective.

“It washes the palette clean of everything…your brain is pushed back to the land of the conscious, dreaming of…treacle-black vibrating space.” - The 405
“Gargantuan washes of noise vomit out of the speakers whilst the listeners’ top body twitches like a freshly severed hand” - The Quietus

Devilman - Devilman
1. Bakan Q
2. Elephant Dub
3. 21Seiki Dub
4. Ross
5. Noise Step
6. 93
7. Nirvana Dub
8. Tunnel Dub
9. Last Black Emperor

Released 05 October 2012
Artwork by Simon Fowler / Cataract Press
Graphic Design by Bryce Davesne / electiic
Mastering by James Plotkin

SBH_LP_001 © + P Small But Hard Recordings 2014