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Walter Gross - Rotorcraft (12", Digital)

Hip hop destruction meets demented grunge vocal in a furious scat orgy. It should not make sense, but somehow Gross has tapped into the vein of some other realm, and peels back a pair of grotty curtains to reveal glimpses of the divine and the unholy.

Walter Gross - Rotorcraft
1. Vestibule
2. Angeldust
3. Polavoid
4. My Cave
5. For Bessie
6. Unfold
7. Hogtied
8. Rotorcraft

Released 30 April 2013
Written/Produced/Mixed/Arranged—Walter Gross
Artwork by Simon Fowler / Cataract Press
Graphic Design by Bryce Davesne / electiic
Back & Front photograph —Unkwow/nasa
Back Photograph —courtesy/Robert Windel
Mastering by James Plotkin

SBH_LP_002 © + P Small But Hard Recordings 2014