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SBH_MIX_001 (Cassette) [SOLD OUT]

SBH_MIX_001 is our first release, a mix tape featuring an international cast of incredible underground artists. Limited to 100 copies, pro-dubbed cassette housed in clear tape case with full colour inlay and two colour hand screen printed presentation box.

1. Dj Scotch Bonnet - Boodoo Boobee
2. C_C - NNNNN
3. Koyxeи - 524_ft.Mr Maloke
4. Dead Fader - In Living Stereo Remix (Mad EP and Shadow Huntaz)
5. Devilman - Nirvana Dub
6. Dj Urine - Spiral Garden
7. Kakawaka - Lebendpotpurri
8. Dj Scotch Bonnet vs Dj Die Soon - Yojin Papa

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