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SBH Podcast 001 - Dj Die Soon


Walter Gross – Untitled (Unreleased)

Dead Fader – Bosched (Unreleased)

Dead Fader – In Living Stereo (Small But Hard)

K-The-I??? – 400 On The BPM (Mush)

Techno Animal – We Can Build You (Matador)

Sensational Meets Kouhei – 666 Of My Fat (Wordsound)

Kakawaka – Lebendpotpurri (Small But Hard)

Dj Urine – Spiral Garden (Small But Hard)

Dj Scotch Bonnet – Next Fresh (Unreleased)

Techno Animal – Sub Species (Matador)

Scorn – Worried (Hymen)

Company Flow – Definitive (Rawkus)

Roly Porter – Hessra (Subtext)

Dj Scotch Bonnet vs Dj Die Soon – Onimama (Unreleased)

Posted on April 2nd, 2014